He left his mark…

“When she was a girl, she expected the world…” Paradise by Coldplay

They do don’t they? Leave their mark that is. When you read that you thought of someone, maybe many someones. They leave their mark. Some that still ache, some that make you smile, but left marks nonetheless. I’m going to let my piercings tell their stories, for each one was gotten after they left their mark.

Nose: Jonathan

The longest relationship I have ever had, coming in at a short amount of 1 year and 7 months. I was married folks… and didn’t last this long. We smiled a lot. He stayed my friend years after. Even now, every once and a while I will randomly get a text from him. He is married and happy now. I am happy for him. I was young and not ready for the maturity our relationship had. I didn’t even know who I was.

Tongue: Colby

My high school sweetheart. I dated him before Jonathan and after Jonathan. He was the first person that I truly loved and gave my heart to. He was the first to break my heart. He made me laugh like no one else could. I think he loved me too, but we didn’t speak the same love language. We broke each other’s heart.

Eyebrow: Josh

Married at 20. Enough said. I wasn’t ready. He wasn’t ready. We certainly were not ready for a child, but two months into our marriage, I was pregnant. How can I not smile about this one. He gave me my wonderful baby boy. He remains one of my closest friends, my family. I am so thankful I have him to this day.

Snake Bite: Justin

Four years that I waited to give my heart up… and I chose this guy…Yep! This one bruised and bled and swelled (the piercing that is.) Not even close to the pain and humiliation that I suffered for surrendering my heart to someone who completely disregarded everything I had to offer. Even worse, no explanation. He just disappeared. C’est la vie.

Anti-Brow: Zach

This boy… timing has a lot to do with love now doesn’t it? After a month, he had to go… and our story went right with him…into the letters he would send. Stories that would remain stories never to become reality.

Yes! They left their mark.

I have lost a lot that I have loved. Putting my heart out there and getting spit on.

THIS will not stop me from putting my heart out again and again. I am reaching for someone, and some day they will reach back. I am waiting. These men/boys have taught me how to love you… and I will love you so hard. So hurry… I’m waiting…

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