Round Trip

“I’ve been everywhere, man.
Crossed the desert’s bare, man.” -Johnny Cash

Sometimes all you need to get your head straight is 3000+ miles of music and thinking.

My holidays were spent traveling. I was in a car for roughly 50 hours. That’s a lot of time to think!

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I have been stuck in a bit of a rut. “Debbie Downer” had nothing on me. I let life events drag  me down so low. That is over! NO MORE!!

My trip started with a 5 day stop at the ex husband’s. I took my son to spend Christmas with his dad, step-mom, step-brothers, and sister. It was a wonderful time. How amazing it is that we can all stay under the same roof and be happy about it! It was amazing to see the ex-in-laws. Oh! And that sun!!! How great is it to have sun shining and warmth in the end of the year! I was thrilled. I even got to see the new Star wars, Rogue One, with Josh (my ex husband), Jessi (Josh’s Wife), Jacob (Josh’s brother), and Jacob’s girlfriend. We watched Breaking Bad as it was being run as a marathon. A wonderful, relaxing way to spend the holiday season.

Next stop-Phoenix. I have a wonderful friend who moved to Phoenix to be closer to family. I got to spend time with her and her three lovely, full of energy children. We took the kiddos to the zoo and to In-and-Out Burger. I just love those kiddos! The night I spent in Phoenix would be one that I would remember for the rest of my life…

When I was somewhere between 8-10, can’t remember for sure, I found out that I had two half sisters. I remember some communication back then but not a lot. I was a little girl though, and I had SISTERS!!! Now I grew up with my two younger brothers who I love dearly, but I would have loved to have some older sisters to bug! Unfortunately, the contact between us was lost. When I was 21 and just moved home with my baby boy, I got a message on Myspace from my sister! We were back in contact and I also made contact with my other sister. It has been 8 years since we have been back in contact and on Friday, December 30, 2016 I finally got to meet them! My heart had never felt so happy and nervous and FULL! I met the other halves of me. It was so cool to meet them and see that I share so many traits with them both. The best experience of my 2016!!

While in Phoenix, I also got to see my cousin play one of his acoustic shows which I have always wanted to do. My sister wanted to meet at that show and so we did! I got to meet my cousins wife and that was amazing. She is so protective over my cousin. I know that he is in very safe caring hands.

I left Phoenix and headed toward Pahrump, Nevada.There I would see my goddaughter, my bestie, and my sister from another mister and mistress haha This is where I brought in the new year. I had a glass of wine by a nice desert fire. We made s’mores, and jammed a punk rock version of “Auld Lang Syne.” We also decorated Christmas cookies together and watched a movie. You just can’t dream these sort of memories.

The next morning I woke and headed for Evanston, Wyoming. Yay! Time to see my brother, his fiance, and my sweet sweet niece! A bit of excitement happened as I went to lie down for the night. I watched as someone cut across my brother’s lawn and in front of the window. I was creeped out. We called law enforcement, but they did nothing but shine a couple flash lights and didn’t even update us. I felt very safe though. My brother had his shotgun, and I had my very first niece and her children to protect me. These are 3 pits. The sweetest dogs ever, but Brindle stayed with me that night and cuddled me.I sure do love seeing my family.

On my way home I stopped in Rock Springs and got to see my fave cuz (shhhh don’t tell anyone), and her family. I got to hug an aunt that I don’t get to see often. I got to see all the lovely children. So much love!

I got to do this entire trip with my whole heart, Nicolaus Ryan. My heart is going to have the biggest hole when he goes to live with his dad next year.

This trip was what I needed to get me back on track! It’s not what we have. It’s not what we do. It’s who we have those things with. It’s who we do things with. It’s the people who make this life worth it. Even on your worst days I will love you all so very much.


One thought on “Round Trip

  1. My dearest daughter u need to be an author!! U captured my heart in this post and i cried happy tears for so glad u can see the brightside again..i am very grateful to all these wonderful love ones u have to help u hold on..i know when Nic goes to stay with his dad it will be hard but atleast because of the wonderful relationship u have,u know u are not losing your son..i love u bunches moms


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