Welcome to my blog! I am actually quite excited to enter into this endeavor. By excited I mean that I am actually giving it the time of day…and I am happy about it. My name is Crystal. I am an almost 30 single woman with a child. Life is… interesting to say the least. I have ups and downs just like everyone else. I am simply trying to find my place in this world. Actually I am not quite sure that simply is the correct word to use there. Anyways, more about that later. I hope that you  will embark on this adventure with me as I explore everything that is… well…life.

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My name is Crystal. I am new to the blogging world and hope that I do not disappoint. I am going to be real. I am going to be honest. I am going to just put everything out there to dry with all you kind and not so kind folks. So enjoy, or don’t because honestly I don’t mind either way. This is for me, not you. So there. Ha!

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You can try to contact me. If you are kind I might even contact you back. If you are not, well good luck with that.